3 Common Questions About Managed Print

managed print

You’ve heard of managed print, but you’re not sure exactly how it might benefit your business. It’s smart to be skeptical, but it’s also important to ask questions and do research. Here are three questions about managed print that pop up frequently.

1. How Many Printers Do I Need?

Managed print is beneficial for small businesses with one printer or large corporations with offices in several locations. The number of printers doesn’t matter so much as if you're using them efficiently. Managed print will first assess your print infrastructure and habits of employees. They will take this information and present you with suggestions for creating new policies that will help you reach your end goal whether that is increased productivity or cutting printing costs. Strategies come in the form of replacing outdated software, upgrading equipment, or implementing print rules.

2. Is My Workplace Ready for Managed Print?

There is no stage of a business that would make it unprepared for managed print. You might already have some print policies that you’re looking to expand on, or you might be starting from scratch. Either way, your company can always take something new from a managed print assessment.

3. Will I Really Save that Much Money?

The first part of answering this question is another question. Do you know how much your print costs are? If you have an idea, it’s possible some costs are slipping through the cracks that you’re unaware of. Ordering too much ink or paper can add up, or if someone is using the printer for their personal documents on the side, these are all ways you could be spending more on print than you think. Indirect costs can affect your budget and managed print will help you strategize to get them under control.

Now that you know a little more about managed print you can see why so many people talk about it. It’s really about strengthening your print infrastructure and saving you money in the meantime. Have more questions? Call us today to learn more!