3 Considerations for Selecting a Managed Print Provider

Print Provider

Printers of all shapes and sizes are critical to the effectiveness of the modern business. Managing a printer seems pretty straightforward, right? Think again. Companies all around the world have invested in the latest and greatest technology in hopes that it alone will streamline their workflows. What these businesses quickly find is that managing the operations of a printer to get the best cost, utilize supplies, and productively manage workflows is much more difficult than anticipated.

This is where Managed Print Services comes into play.

Managed Print Services (MPS) has been known to help business’ reduce their printing costs by nearly 30%. Along with cost savings comes a team of print experts who have solutions, technology suggestions, and more to streamline your print environment.

Here are three tips for helping you select the right MPS provider to work with:

Receive an Assessment

A premier MPS provider will schedule an appointment to sit down with you and talk through your business’ printing challenges, analyze your devices, and take inventory of your entire print environment. They will also help you determine which devices will be beneficial to your unique printing needs and will develop a plan for effective integration of this new equipment.

Be sure that the provider is willing to work with your specific needs and not offering a one-stop solution with costly features that you won’t use.

Ask the Provider Questions

Here are a few quesrtions to help you learn more about the MPS provider and their services:

  • Do you proactively monitor our print environment for service needs?
  • Do you offer automatic supply replenishment?
  • How many local technicians do you have?
  • What is the average wait time for a technician?
  • What features are used to prevent data loss?
  • Do you offer training for employees to learn how to use devices?

Security Must be a Priority

If a MPS provider does not emphasize print security, they are not the one for you. The data that passes through your print environment is far too significant not to have high-tech security plans in place to protect your business and customers.

EDGE Business Systems is a reputable equipment and solutions provider with a clean streak of helping businesses like yours manage their print environment. Want to learn more about Managed Print Services and how it will benefit your company? Contact us today!