Xerox Security Recommendations


As a global leader in the print industry, Xerox has a big responsibility to keep customers--and their devices--safe and secure. Here are just a few quick security tips, straight from the experts at Xerox!

What to Know

Almost all modern printers, including those from Xerox, have a hard drive that remembers just about everything you do. Don't worry--this isn't some surveillance scheme. Xerox printers are designed to save this data to make your future prints easier, faster, and smoother--not to cause any trouble. However, it's also true that these hard drives can become a vulnerability without the appropriate security measures in place.

With that in mind, here are a few tips from Xerox about keeping your printers, data, and hard drives as secure as possible.

  • #1: Use "Immediate Job Overwrite."

This setting, also sometimes called "Immediate Image Overwrite" (depending on your machine), does exactly what you would expect: it finds the area of your hard drive that is "remembering" data, and it overwrites that data after each job. Although the setting is a default on many printers, it's worth a second look to make sure things are working correctly.

  • #2: Use "On Demand Image Overwrite."

Unlike Immediate Image Overwrite, "On-Demand Image Overwrite" is a manual setting, which means you have to initiate it yourself after each print job. As such, it's a little less efficient--and the machine could power off for up to an hour during the process. However, be sure to keep this option in mind when utmost security is required.

  • #3: Use encryption.

Encryption is an efficient "safety net" when it comes to security measures. It ensures that, should your hard drive be compromised, hackers wouldn't be able to use the data they accessed. Encryption can also be used in cooperation with the two overwrite options.

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