Xerox Named in Top 100 Environmentally Responsible Businesses

businessman holding seedling plant

In May of this year, Xerox was featured on Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens list for the 10th year in a row. This list features companies around the United States who best demonstrate environmental, social and governance performance.

The list is fitting for a brand like Xerox, who have built their company on the values like sustainability. Xerox goals are filtered through a lens of environmental health and safety for a lasting impact around the world. They have focused on reducing their carbon footprint, increasing recycling, minimizing waste, and removing toxins from air and water.

This emphasis is found in their Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability’s mission statement: “Together with our suppliers, customers and stakeholders, we strive to maintain the highest standards for preserving our environment and protecting and enhancing the health and safety of our employees and communities.”

Xerox takes their environmental impact seriously and making this list is a testament to their dedication.

More About Xerox

Xerox Corporation is a leader in technology who seeks to create new ways for the world to connect and communicate. They have worked hard to create technology that is effective in a world that dances between paper and digital communication. Xerox is always on the forefront of innovation in the technology world, creating products that are efficient and productive, while honoring the environment.

At EDGE Business Systems, we honored to partner with Xerox and other businesses who value innovative technology that is environmentally friendly. Contact us today to see what Xerox technology might benefit your business. We’d love to see your company be efficient and environmentally sound, getting the work you need done while reducing your influence on the world around us.