Xerox Multifunction Printer for Healthcare Providers

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At EDGE, we're committed to offering smart solutions for the healthcare industry. Partnering with Xerox makes it even easier for us to have focused options for all the healthcare industry's unique challenges.

The Xerox Healthcare Multifunction Printer is attuned to the specific privacy concerns that the healthcare industry needs to address. It enables hospitals and providers to securely send patient information and consistently maintain HIPAA compliance.

The Xerox Healthcare MFP does everything an MFP should -- fax, copy, scan, and print. But this special device includes a fifth feature called SHARE. This feature is intelligently built for the sole purpose of serving the healthcare provider, so it knows how to share securely and in compliance.

Clicking the new "Share" button enables providers to share patient data with over a million providers. It's simple to look up the provider info on the MFP to share directly with them. This eliminates the delay and potential mistakes that come from other sharing methods, like faxing.

The Share button is on the main panel, so it's easy to find and use. Transmitting the electronic document happens automatically, so the recipient receives it instantaneously. For patients who need their charts and info shared immediately, this is an incredible feature. It saves time for everyone -- patients and providers, as well as administrative staff.

Again, the Healthcare MFP is all about maintaining compliance. It's designed for Healthcare providers, so it's incredibly intuitive, and it features the security features you depend on to keep sensitive information safe.

Xerox continues to revolutionize the way healthcare providers handle documents. We are happy to partner with Xerox and offer the Healthcare MFP and a host of other services and products for our local healthcare providers. Learn more today! Contact EDGE.