Utilizing Scanning for Successful Business

scanning documents

Most businesses dream of the day they can finally go paperless and streamline into the more eco-friendly and more efficient digital world. Getting rid of as many paper processes is the goal, but most businesses struggle making that a reality for their daily workflows. At EDGE Business Systems, we know how to bridge the gap between paper and digital documents with Scanning Services.

With Scanning Services, we are not solely focused on selling you hardware but focused on equipping you with the best processes to optimize your scanning workflows. We understand the immense benefits of transitioning to paperless workflows and have been leaders in equipping companies to make this change. Our staff is full of document technology experts who will ensure that your processes are as efficient as possible.

Here are four ways that utilizing scanning will benefit your company:

Scan to File

Scan to file is one of the most beneficial scanning technology features of modern scanners and MFPs. This feature allows you to scan a file and share it to a specific file on your server or cloud network. Scan to file maximizes file time and allows for quick, efficient document filing.

Scan to Email

Like scan to file, scan to email is an incredibly useful feature of modern scanning technology. This feature allows a user to scan a document or image and attach it to an email. This function allows for quick sharing and cuts down on time formatting documents and moving them around on a computer to be emailed. With a couple of clicks of a button on your device, the document can be on its way.

Scan to File Formats

Reformatting a document and resaving it can eat up time in your office. With modern scanning solutions, employees can scan an image and choose which format they would like the document saved as.

OCR Scanning

Optical Character Recognition is technology that allows your scanned documents to become searchable and editable. For example, a physical document can be converted to a Word document for necessary edits.

Scanning Services have been a game changer for businesses of all shapes and sizes, to learn more about utilizing scanning in your office, contact EDGE Business Systems today!