The Two Approaches to Document Security

Document Security

Did you know that there are not one but two approaches to document security, and you'll need both if you want to keep your files safe and sound? Here's everything you need to know!

Two Sides of the Same Coin

If document security is a coin, its two sides are internal and external. Most companies focus too much on the latter while neglecting the former--but the truth is that you'll need the whole coin if you're going to make sure your files are protected. That's not to say that your employees are untrustworthy; the truth is that internal threats are often accidental, well-meaning, or simply a case of human error--but the outcome is the same. That's why document security requires a balance of both approaches to be effective.

Let's take a look at both internal and external approaches to document security!


  • Educate employees.

    The best way to avoid internal threats is to educate your employees about them. Keep workers up-to-date on the latest scams and digital tricks so they'll know what to look out for--and make sure they feel responsible for taking care of the company, too.

  • Manage your tools.

    Shared files, mobile devices, communication apps--oh my! Internal document security requires taking a long, hard look at the tools used in your workplace to make sure you know where you're putting your trust.

  • Use multiple security features.

    User authentication, password protection, and access control are just a few ways to make sure your files don't fall into the wrong hands.


  • Start with the basics.

    Firewalls and encryption seem like simple approaches to complicated problems, but they're a huge benefit when it comes to external document security.

  • Try PDFs.

    PDFs are easier to protect and more difficult to misuse than other file types. Try converting your files to PDFs before sending them off into the digital world.

  • Step up your password game.

    Set a schedule for updating your passwords regularly. Remember not to use anything that can be easily guessed; instead, choose complex phrases or random strings of characters.

Are you worried about document security, both internally and externally? Worry no more--we're here to help. Contact us today!