Scanning Wisdom: Can a Remote Workforce be Paperless?

Man using multifunction scanner machine in office setting

Not so very long ago, businesses had clear goals for going paperless and confident plans for how to get there--but that was before 2020. Now, thanks to lockdowns, quarantine, and social distancing, many of those paperless plans have been shattered--or have they? Read on to pick up on some scanning wisdom that might help your remote workforces go paperless!

Same Goals, New Paths

If you were working toward a paperless office before COVID-19, it's easy to feel discouraged right now. After all, it probably seems like all of your progress was shut down along with the office. However, the truth is that you don't have to give up on all your dreams of flawless organization, stronger communication, and environmental friendliness--not with scanning solutions on your side!

Here are two new paths you can take to your paperless goals (even during a pandemic) thanks to scanning:

#1: Use scanned documents to give remote workers what they need.

If you're feeling like all of your data is stuck at the office, there's one simple solution: scan it! Scanned files can easily be saved, shared, updated, edited, and utilized to your heart's desire. The best part is that these files can be accessed from anywhere--which means that employees don't have to come into the office to get the data that will keep them working.

#2: Let remote workers scan and share their own documents.

Remote work can feel a little closed-off, lonely, and frustrating, especially without the right tools. However, when remote workers are empowered to scan and share their own documents, they don't have to be anchored to paper files. They're free to work and create in whatever way works best for them because they know they'll be able to scan documents and send them to the rest of the team at the end of the day.

Want to learn more about scanning? Looking for other solutions that will help your company navigate the pandemic? Contact us today!


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