Scanning Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Scanner

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If you've been dreaming of the perfect scanner, but aren't quite sure how to find that machine in real life, worry no more. We're here with all the scanning tips you'll need to find the device of your dreams!

Before You Shop for Scanners

Before you jump into the wonderful world of scanning solutions, you'll need to do a little homework. It's important to know what your needs are, what you expect your new machine to be capable of, and where your company is headed in the future. That way, you'll be sure to end up with a device that is perfect for your needs.

Before shopping for scanners, ask yourself these questions:

  • "How often will we be scanning?"

If you plan to scan all day, every day, you'll need a stronger, faster machine. If, on the other hand, your scanning needs are few and far between, you could choose a simpler device.

  • "What is our budget?"

Understanding your budget helps you prioritize your scanner wish list. Remember, though, that scanning pays for itself over time by limiting your need for paper, ink, and storage--so consider that into your calculations.

  • "Do we need all the bells and whistles?"

Some scanners come with high-end technology that reads and understands your documents to help sort them. Other scanners simply capture an image of your file. Do your research to understand which bells and whistles you want on your new machine!

Types of Scanners

Now that you've created a solid framework, it's time for the fun part: scanner shopping. Here are a few types to consider!

Simple scanning

Description: Portable and sheet-fed scanners aren't low-end, but they are low-effort. They get the job done simply and quickly.

Functionality: If you have low-volume scanning jobs and are happy to feed one document at a time, these scanners are perfect for your company.

Price: $100 - $500


Description: Combining scanning technology with automatic document feeders, these devices take the work out of your workload.

Functionality: For mid-range scanning jobs (up to 70 pages per minute), these fast and reliable machines are a good fit.

Price: $500 - $2,000


Description: These are your top-of-the-line options for high-volume, high-speed jobs.

Functionality: With high durability, high speed, and a long list of functions and features, these scanners are well worth the price tag for companies with specific scanning needs.

Price: $5,000 - $15,000


The best way to choose a scanner that will be perfect for your company, your habits, and your needs is to do a little research. Understand what you're looking for to help narrow your options, and remember that there are scanners available to fit every budget--especially since scanning quickly pays for itself.

Need help finding the scanner of your dreams? Want more scanning tips? Contact us today!


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