Is Scanning a Green Solution?


Are you looking for simple, stress-free ways to go green? Do you worry that environmental friendliness is a choice between what's right for your company and what's sustainable for Mother Earth? Worry no more--scanning is here to save the day!

The Power of Scanning

There's a lot to be said about scanning. It's a simple yet powerful solution, capable of improving organization, boosting security, and strengthening communication, all without demanding pricey new software or a steep learning curve--but that's not all it can do. In truth, scanning is also an excellent first step into the world of green solutions, and the best part is that it benefits you and the environment at the same time.

Here are just a few ways scanning helps protect Mother Earth!

  • Less paper. Scanning allows you to use less paper and, in turn, waste less paper. When everything's online, you hardly ever have to hit "print."
  • Less energy. Creating new paper is an energy-intensive task--but by scanning your documents, you're helping to lower the demand and save some of that energy.
  • Fewer emissions. Moving paper from creator to supplier, and then from supplier to consumer, creates a lot of emissions. Scanning allows you to limit your demand for paper overall, which means you'll be responsible for fewer emissions.
  • A smaller carbon footprint. Less paper, less printing, less waste--scanning helps reduce your carbon footprint and get you closer to tax incentives for green businesses.

With all those advantages, it's almost impossible to believe that scanning can also benefit your bottom line--but it's the truth. Scanning helps you take those frustrating, inefficient stacks of paper and turn them into organized digital documents that can be saved, shared, edited, and password-protected, which means less wasted time and money. With scanning solutions, everybody wins.

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