Scan to Cloud Applications with Xerox

scan to cloud

No matter what your business needs, EDGE has solutions. But one of the secrets to our ability to offer best in class service is our partnership with the best technology manufacturers, like Xerox.

Xerox offers smart scan to cloud applications that enable you to do more, go further, and forget about your document drama.

Introducing ConnectKey

Whether you’ve heard of Xerox’s ConnectKey or not, you’re in for a big surprise. The latest generation of the scanning service (which is built right into Xerox multifunction printers) offers newer and more effective ways to scan and share documents. With ConnectKey, everyone is set up on your Xerox devices, no matter where they are or what they are using.

Business on the Go

We understand that today’s business is mobile. Employees are using mobile devices to do business, more work is done off-site, and there is a greater need for fast and easy digital collaboration. Xerox understands this, too, and ConnectKey is built with the modern business in mind.

ConnectKey simplifies the process of both digitizing and managing digitized documents. This translates to a more productive workforce, and it enhances your ability to keep up with ever-changing technology. It easily integrates with any of your cloud services and can be used anywhere.

Problems Solved

EDGE and Xerox have solutions to all your most pressing problems. We are proud to offer industry-leading multifunction printers and other office equipment, as well as a range of services that enrich those devices. Contact EDGE today to learn more.