Manufacturer Industry News: Xerox FreeFlow Core

When it comes to workflows, everyone has a slightly different definition, a slightly different expectation, and a slightly different idea of "success." Luckily, with Xerox Freeflow Core, it's easier than ever to make sure everyone's on the same page when it comes to your company's workflows.

What You Need to Know

Xerox FreeFlow Core is essentially a workflow solution that addresses some of today's top concerns: varying processes, dissimilar devices, and different types of software that don't "play nice" together. With Xerox FreeFlow Core, you can unite all of your workflow tools in brand-new ways, ensuring that your communication and efficiency are strong, reliable, and capable of keeping up in a fast-paced world.

Here are a few things you need to know about FreeFlow Core!

  • #1: It minimizes confusion.

Today's workflows can look somewhat like jigsaw puzzles--a combination of different kinds of tools and processes that don't always fit well together. FreeFlow Core helps you approach these workflows in new ways, offering a united interface so that all of your various tools are in one place.

  • #2: It works with your existing hardware and software.

One big aspect of FreeFlow Core is its ability to create a "bridge" between all the tools you already use. There's no need to upgrade or buy new equipment (unless you want to, of course).

  • #3: It provides automation opportunities.

In this fast-moving world, the best way to improve efficiency is to automate the simpler parts of your workflows. With FreeFlow Core, that's easier than ever. You can minimize human error, save time and money, and streamline your processes quickly and painlessly.

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