Manufacturer Industry News: Xerox Boosts MFP Security

lock and shield

In this technological day and age, security is more important than ever for businesses in any industry--which means multifunction printers (MFPs) need to stay ahead of the risks and threats. That's why Xerox has introduced some exciting changes that will make their printers stronger, safer, and more reliable than ever.

Partners in Security

What's better than one trusted name in efficiency and security? Three, of course! Xerox has partnered with McAfee and Cisco to make their multifunction printers safer than ever--and the benefits are immediate and numerous. Let's take a closer look!

How it works

Xerox printers already have pretty reliable security. The difference is that, now, they have a brand-new set of responses that can stop hackers in their tracks, protect data, and minimize future risk all at once. The best part is that your MFP can do this on its own, which means you can focus on strengthening security elsewhere while relying on your printer.

It all begins when an MFP detects a threat and triggers the embedded McAfee technology, which stops the attack and protects both the machine and its data. Details are then sent straight from the MFP to Cisco, where the attack is investigated at length. It's a simple but powerful process.

How you benefit

With these new security features, Xerox MFPs are safer and more reliable than ever. You'll be able to easily manage your security policies, gain insight into weak points and potential future threats, simplify your disaster response procedures, and generally rely on your printer to work for you.

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