Manufacturer Industry News: Toshiba Takes the Gold for MFPs


When it comes to multifunction printers, you always want to know you're getting the best machine for your money--and according to Better Buys, Toshiba can deliver exactly that. Toshiba is the recipient of the First Quarter 2019 Editor's Choice Award for best MFPs, and for good reason. Here's everything you need to know!

Quality MFP Manufacturers

Toshiba has long been one of the biggest names in office tech, but now their line of powerful, reliable multifunction printers is really getting the attention it deserves. The First Quarter 2019 Editor's Choice Awards by Better Buys asserts that Toshiba's e-STUDIO-8518A series has incredible value and functionality for the affordable price. This is great news for buyers who need monochrome printers capable of keeping up in a fast-paced, heavy-duty work environment.

Here are a few features highlighted by the award:

  • Speed. These Toshiba MFPs boast a range of 55 to 85 pages-per-minute--a fast, reliable printing speed rivaling the highest-end MFPs.
  • Functionality. Looking for large paper capacity, great toner efficiency, and functions that can adapt to almost any need or environment? Toshiba has your answer in the form of four uniquely powerful MFPs.
  • User-friendliness. Of course, it's not all about power. These machines also come equipped with Toshiba's customizable user interface, capable of adapting to different processes, automated workflows, cloud tools, and more.

Thanks to this award, Toshiba's newest monochrome multifunction printers are making a huge splash in industry news. They're an excellent fit for companies in need of unrivaled power, modern design, and efficient functionality, all at a competitive price.

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