Managed Print Services: 4 Tips for Cheaper Printing

Save money managed print

Do you ever look at your print environment and wish the whole thing could just be cheaper? You've come to the right place! With a little help from managed print services, we're exploring ways to save money on printing without cutting corners. Let's jump in!

The First Step: Managed Print Services

The single best way to save money on printing is also the simplest: Find a managed print services provider. These partners in printing will help you analyze your fleet from top to bottom, pointing out all the underlying issues that are causing you to lose control of your budget. Once you know where your weak points are, you can work with your provider to select targeted solutions--and, along the way, you'll be streamlining workflows and improving security too.

The best part is that managed print services grows with you. That means you'll always have a simple, stress-free framework for controlling costs in your print environment--no matter how big your company gets.

Money-Saving Tips from Managed Print Services

How does managed print save money? It has a few tricks up its sleeve--like these:

  • #1: Scan when you can

Scanning is a great way to cut down on your print costs. Once digitized, your documents can be accessed, edited, and shared online, which means you can let the printer have a well-deserved break.

  • #2: Double-check your documents

Before you hit that "print" button, make sure there are no typos or other errors. This saves you from having to reprint every document just because one little issue slipped by.

  • #3: Print on both sides

Double-sided printing is a fast, easy, and stress-free solution. In this way, you can cut printing costs instead of cutting corners.

  • #4: Use color with restraint

It's tempting to print everything in color, but that's a good way to hurt your print budget. Instead, save color printing for when it's really necessary and use black-and-white settings for everything else.

In conclusion, managed print services is the best way to print smarter (and cheaper!) without harming your efficiency or quality. By leveraging simple tips--like remembering to print on both sides--managed print helps you get control of your entire print environment.

Ready to see how managed print services can save money? Contact us today!

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