Managed Print Benefits For Everyone

managed print

No matter your industry or business size, chances are you are spending a lot on document production. Many businesses spend up to 3% of revenue on print costs -- and many of those costs aren't immediately visible.

Managed Print might seem like a service that only benefits big business or companies in certain industries. However, managed print offers big benefits that can positively impact nearly any business. Let's take a look at some of the universal benefits of this valuable service.

Address Security

Security is a huge concern for everyone. Paying attention to the security of your documents must extend to the printers and the in-house printing. Left unchecked, this is an area that can ultimately become a tremendous safety burden. Unregulated printing of sensitive documents, automatic storage on devices, and not addressing all forms of regulatory compliance -- these are just a few of the concerns that surround any given print environment. These are also concerns that managed print is designed to fix -- among other issues.

Reduce Costs

It might seem counterintuitive that paying more for a service can actually help you reduce costs, but in this case, it's true. This is because managed print tackles all costs associated with printing, including maintenance, supplies, and inefficiencies. Managed print works to reduce overall costs in a number of ways; it all begins with the print assessment, which lets you see just where your money is going.

Enhance Productivity

An inefficient print environment weighs down a business. Whether your employees are having to stand in line to get their prints, printing unnecessarily, or using a printer that isn't designed to support their prints, your print assessment will highlight these productivity problems and help you enhance overall efficiency. Managed print works to maximize all of your printers -- their location, supported users, and more -- leading to a print environment that doesn't waste valuable time or cause traffic jams.

These are just a few of the universal perks of a managed print service. Find out more today: Contact EDGE Business Systems.