Keeping it Simple: The Many Benefits of Vendor Consolidation

Vendor consolidation

Running a business today requires a complex network of interlocking tasks and strategies, all of which can fall like a house of cards if you have one weak link. The sheer complexity of managing multiple vendor relationships for basics such as office equipment and other background work can take you away from the important strategies of moving your organization to the next level. Although having a specialized vendor often made sense in the past due to the perception that small to medium businesses could not afford an enterprise-level platform, there are now niche players, like EDGE Business Systems, who have brought together multiple back-office solutions allowing you to consolidate your relationships to one trusted vendor. Here are just a few ways your business could benefit from consolidating vendors. 

Better Focus

Businesses today rely on technology to stay ahead of the curve, and if your IT director is also your head of sales and marketing, or even if you have a full technology staff who is overworked (as most of them are!), they may be spending more time putting band-aids on a legacy system than looking toward the future. This is where a managed services approach makes sense. By outsourcing some technology functions such as network, communications and document management to a multi-service vendor, your internal team is able to focus on creating unique value for your customers.

Convenient Communications

Traditional thinking would tell you that putting all of your eggs in one basket is not the right decision, especially when it comes to vendor management. There is some validity to that statement if you choose the wrong vendor, but when you find the right vendor-partner with a high service level agreement and a dedication to your business goals, it can be well worth it. Rather than having multiple weekly or bi-weekly vendor meetings to keep everyone on track, think how much time you would save being able to handle issues directly with one source. Plus, you’ll know you’re getting great service in all areas of your business. 

Cost Savings

If you’re paying multiple companies to handle your business solutions, there’s a good chance your fee is different for each vendor. Consolidating all of your services into one vendor can actually help bring your costs down. A global study by the Everest Research Institute actually found that companies with fewer IT suppliers reduced their costs by 22 to 28 percent. A true vendor-partner such as EDGE Business Systems can also help you know when to upgrade and when it benefits you to stay where you are until the next release comes, which also saves you money. 

The next time a contract comes up for renewal, contact EDGE Business Systems to consolidate your business processes with a trusted and service-oriented business partner. 

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