Hybrid Workforce Tips: How to Structure Your Transformation


Creating and supporting a hybrid workforce requires transformation--and not just of the digital variety. You also have to change your approaches, mindsets, and sometimes even your goals to support hybrid work. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can structure this transformation in ways that just make sense.

Key Tools for Hybrid Workforce Transformation

Whether you're still considering the hybrid workforce model or have already jumped in with both feet, one thing's for certain: This change is a big deal. You need to structure your transformation in ways that support employees across multiple locations while still delivering unmatched experiences for customers.

How can you make it happen? Start by focusing on three key areas and choosing tools to match:

Managing your documents

Documents are the lifeblood of your business. When employees are split between home offices and on-site locations, however, data takes all kinds of different forms and becomes difficult to manage.

To keep your files organized, accessible, and protected, you need options like scanning and document management. These solutions are all about eliminating waste, improving efficiency, and turning documents into collaborative tools instead of interruptions. They keep everyone on the same page no matter when or where your teams are working.

Managing your workflows

If documents are the lifeblood of your business, workflows are the circulatory system. A hybrid workforce needs different workflow structures than either remote or on-site work; this approach lives in the middle--which means your workflows need to adapt.

Workflow solutions for a hybrid workforce should focus on automation and optimization. Your goal is to take traditional tasks and use the hybrid environment to simplify them, creating an entirely new approach.

Managing your technology

From printers and mobile devices to collaboration software and at-home tech setups, IT is more important than ever in a hybrid workforce. Solutions like managed print services can help you take control of your fleets and make sure everyone is following the same rules. Other managed services can guide your IT decisions, strengthen your network, improve internal security habits, and more.


Switching to a hybrid workforce is truly a transformation. If you want that transformation to go smoothly, you should focus your energy on three things: documents, workflows, and technology. From there, you can choose tools and solutions that make sense for your new approach.

Are you transitioning to a hybrid workforce approach? Contact us today for the tools and support you need to make this journey a success.

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