How to Measure the Value of Managed Print


For some businesses exploring managed services, it can be hard to justify the cost of the service overall. With Managed Print Services, for example, the initial part of the service seems to be the most important: A print assessment of your print environment, followed by optimization of that environment. However, there are long-term metrics that can help you understand the way the service impacts your bottom line over time.

Print Assessment + Optimization

With a managed print service, the first order of business is getting a comprehensive overview of your entire print environment. This allows you to see exactly how much you’re spending on print costs, and it illuminates the inefficiencies that are slowing down business. The next step is to fix those problems, often by optimizing printers via location changes or even reducing the number of machines in your office. This sets the stage for a more productive and cost-effective environment.

Ongoing Service and Support

The long-term metrics of a managed print service depend entirely on your business – its goals, needs, and inventory. Sure, you’ll see cost savings from reduced paper and supply consumption. But there’s more, too. With managed print, you have ongoing support from regular service and a help desk when you need it. Plus, you have assistance in areas like regulatory compliance, IT, and more.

Looking Toward the Future

Managed print enables your business to grow without being hindered by equipment or infrastructure. Our managed print service grows with you and helps you work toward benchmarks or growth plans. Whatever the future holds, managed print works to support it.

There are numerous specific ways that highlight the value of managed print. Ongoing cost savings from better consumption habits and enhanced productivity are big aspects, but they aren’t the only means of measuring managed print success. To learn more about how managed print can benefit your business, contact EDGE Business Systems today!