Document Security: 3 Things You May Not Have Thought Of

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Document security is a big job. Not only do you have to juggle tight budgets and high stakes--you also have to face the fact that, no matter how hard you work, the chances are that there will still be certain things you overlook. Today, we're here to help make document security a little bit easier by bringing your attention to three often-missed risks.

Nobody's Perfect

The truth about document security is that nobody's perfect at it. Digital bad guys get smarter by the minute, technology develops so quickly that ten new problems can arise while you're busy solving the first one, and your company is constantly creating new files even as you work to protect existing ones. The work never ends--and neither does the stress.

Luckily, you're not alone. By doing your research, staying vigilant, and considering solutions like document management to help watch your back, you can stay on top of document security--even if, like everyone else, you aren't quite perfect.

Here are three document security risks you may not have considered (and what to do about them):

#1: Internal threats

Problem: Data breaches are at the front of every business's mind, but what happens when those data breaches are made possible by internal operations?

Solution: Don't let human error or unreliable security procedures slow you down. Instead, invest in internal defense mechanisms--like "follow-me printing," which ensures that documents are never abandoned on the printer tray, or user authentication, protecting sensitive files from prying eyes.

#2: No Plan "B"

Problem: Many companies worry about protecting their documents and prefer not to plan for the worst.

Solution: Come up with contingency plans to protect your workflows in case of an emergency. Make backups, create communication trees, and test your "Plan B" regularly.

#3: Server failure

Problem: Document security can be completely wiped out if web servers go down.

Solution: Make sure to take technology into account when choosing document security solutions. You never know what could happen to servers, networks, computers, mobile devices, and other tech--so be prepared!

Worried about document security? Interested in document management and other security solutions? Contact us today!

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