5 Things to Know About Document Security

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For many companies, document security is a bit of a question mark. After all, documents come in so many sizes and forms--how can you hope to protect them all, both online and off? The good news is that there are five quick tips that can help demystify this critical topic. Let's get started!

The Key to Document Security

Okay, okay--maybe there's no single key to document security. However, there is one thing to know that might just change how you approach the whole conversation.

You're not alone.

That's right: Document security solutions connect you with some of the best minds in IT and document management, combining best practices from both fields to create an approach you can trust. You'll feel like there's a shield around your entire company--and meanwhile, your workflows won't be interrupted, and your employees won't have hoops to jump through.

Even with document security solutions on your side, though, it can be helpful to have a few more tricks up your sleeve.

4 More Document Security Tips

We've covered one important document security tip. The other four build off of that one--and you can hop up and get started on them right now!

Here's what to try:

  • Ditch on-site document storage. On-site storage doesn't just hog up space--it also puts some of your most sensitive data at risk. Instead, digitize your documents and store them in the cloud--or, if you need to keep certain physical files, consider secure off-site storage facilities.

  • Don't forget physical security. Digital defense is often the focus of document security--but when files are printed or copied, they're vulnerable in the real world. Remember to use tools like follow-me printing to keep print jobs locked until the right user comes along with the right password or PIN.

  • Be picky about your solutions. Document security solutions come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn't mean you need every single one. Do your research and choose those that fit your workflow, needs, and overall goals.

  • Make a team. Your entire workforce should be part of your document security team. Educate them on best practices and common pitfalls, and help them feel responsible for company data in the meantime.

In conclusion, there's one document security tip that's more important than everything else: you don't have to tackle this alone. While you're implementing document security solutions, though, there are plenty of other tips and tricks to try.

Want to learn more about document security? Contact us today to start defending your data the smart way!

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