3 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Document Security


With new online threats popping up like weeds and digital criminals getting smarter by the minute, document security has never been more important. The last thing you want is to be sabotaging yourself, but the unfortunate truth is that you could be sinking your own ship if you're doing any of these three things.

Your Own Worst Enemy

Let's be honest: there are plenty of things, people, and problems out there that are a bigger risk to your documents and data than you are. However, by making little mistakes or letting bad habits persist, you open the door to all of those things, people, and problems--and your document security can suffer as a result.

Here are three ways you might just be sabotaging yourself (and what to do about it)!

#1: Leaving documents on the tray

This one is at the top of the list because, at first glance, it seems innocent enough. However, the truth is that an abandoned or forgotten document can quickly fall into the wrong hands.


Tools like follow-me print require user authentication before a print job is released, meaning that no more documents get left behind.

#2: Ignoring your bad password habits

Do you have easily guessed passwords? Do you send unprotected files over email or instant message? Do you leave sensitive documents in folders that can be accessed by anyone? These are all bad password habits--and they can sink your document security pretty quickly.


Be password savvy! Remember to password-protect files, folders, and even printers to help protect your data.

#3: Failing to wipe the hard drive

Printers are like elephants: they remember. If you don't wipe your printer's hard drive, you end up with a stockpile of all the data you've ever printed, just sitting there and waiting to be stolen.


Regularly wipe your printers' hard drives--especially if you're returning a leased machine.

Looking for more document security tips? Worried that you're sabotaging yourself? Contact us today for all the help you need!