3 Money-Saving Tips From Managed Print Services

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You've probably heard that managed print services can help save money in your company. But have you ever wondered just how this solution gets the job done? Here are three examples of managed print tips for saving money without cutting corners!

The Biggest Benefit of Managed Print Services

When it comes to saving money, managed print services gives you a secret weapon: transparency.

That's right: With managed print services, you'll have insight into all those hidden print costs you might never have seen before. Things like paper and ink storage, maintenance downtime, and unnecessary printing can really start to drain your budget--and until you know where to look, you may not even notice you're losing money.

Managed print services also helps you get a clearer, more accurate view of the costs you can see--like ordering supplies or buying new parts for repairs. It also points out which machines are eating up the biggest portion of your budget (and whether those machines are carrying their weight).

Once you have all this information, you can start making decisions that save money in the right ways--all thanks to managed print services.

Managed Print Services Tips

Ready to see managed print in action? Here are a few tips for cutting costs in your print environment:

  • Print on both sides

Paper is a valuable commodity. Make the most of it by using settings that allow you to print on both sides. Just make sure you know how to turn this feature on and off, as you might not want every document to be double-sided.

  • Plan carefully

Too often, hitting "print" is a knee-jerk reaction. If you don't take the time to proofread your documents beforehand, you could end up having to redo the entire print job--and that wastes ink, paper, energy, time, and money. Similarly, if you don't stop to ask whether you could use a digital collaboration tool instead, you could be printing unnecessarily--which also wastes resources.

  • Unplug your machines

Everyone needs a break now and then--even your printers. Unplug the machines over the weekend or whenever you won't need to use them for a while. This saves money on energy, extends the life of your machine, and can even reduce the risk of certain cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, managed print services helps you save money by introducing transparency into your print environment. Once you know where to look, you'll be able to notice wasteful habits and address them with tips like these.

Want to try managed print services in your company? Contact us today for all the help you need!

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