Let’s Talk About Document Security

document security

Security is a top priority in any business. As technology changes and new possibilities emerge, so too do threats and security concerns. No matter what changes or evolutions your company is currently undergoing or will take on, document security should always be a priority.

Hidden Dangers

One of the biggest issues related to document security is that it is so easy to overlook certain risks. For example, many businesses have no idea that most copiers store data on a hard drive automatically. If the copier happens to be a leased device or is donated or sold at some point, and if the hard drive is not wiped clean, the new owners might have access to sensitive information.

Similarly, plenty of organizations have incomplete procedures for handling digital documents. They may not use encryption, or they might not restrict access to documents. There’s a lot that can go wrong in those scenarios, even without malicious intent. Sensitive information can be accidentally leaked or deleted, or regulations can be broken.

Addressing the Issues, From Top to Bottom

When taking on document security, there are multiple steps and areas to address. From infrastructure to policies, technology to human interaction, there’s plenty to worry about. Having a partner like EDGE helps alleviate some of the pressure. We understand how to address document security holistically, taking into account all the ways that data can be at risk and addressing those avenues.

A comprehensive document security plan creates a more secure environment, and it brings in regulatory compliance, up-to-date information on the latest threats, and the know-how to understand all the areas that pose risks. Tackling document security doesn’t have to be a daunting task thanks to EDGE’s document security service.

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