Printing, Scanning, Copying: Choosing Perfect Devices

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It wasn't very long ago that printers printed, copiers copied, and scanners scanned--and that was it. Each machine had its own simple functions and certainly didn't talk to mobile devices or operate on a network. The good news is that we've come pretty far since those days--but, while multifunction devices have all kinds of benefits, it can be difficult to choose between them. Today, we're here to change that.

Scanning, Copying, Printing: How to Choose MFPs

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When today's printers do so much more than just "print," you're left with a lot of options as a buyer. Which functions do you need? What make and model is best for your business? How can you choose a perfect multifunction printer (MFP) that will fit in with your network, your other machines, and your mobile devices? Today we'll answer all these questions and more.

6 Essential Documents Your Office Needs to Scan and Shred

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Paperwork always gets a bad rep in most offices. In reality, paperwork is one of the essential pieces to your business’ crucial data and information. With so much sensitive information stored on the documents in your office, protecting them is a high priority.

The amount of sensitive or confidential information that your business is a bit mind-boggling: Social Security numbers, credit cards, pay stubs, checks, contact information, and more.

Utilizing Scanning for Successful Business

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Most businesses dream of the day they can finally go paperless and streamline into the more eco-friendly and more efficient digital world. Getting rid of as many paper processes is the goal, but most businesses struggle making that a reality for their daily workflows. At EDGE Business Systems, we know how to bridge the gap between paper and digital documents with Scanning Services.

How to Make Your Digital Dreams Come True


The implementation of digital documents has enhanced modern business functions. With ease, employees can save, share, and edit documents faster than ever done before, because of digitalization and cloud networks. However, transitioning to a more-paperless company is more difficult than often expected because knowing the right devices and processes required is not common knowledge.

Simple Steps Create Big Results with Document Management

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If your office struggles to find effective paper management processes, it might be time to consider Document Management. Document Management often takes place in the form of a software solution that helps you manage paper processes in your office. However, your company does not necessarily need to invest in a Document Management Software solution immediately to see effective results.

What is Document Scanning?

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Modern copiers do much more than merely copying. When we talk about a copier in the business world, we are referring to a multifunction device that can fax, print, copy, and scan documents.

Let’s talk about scanning because modern scanning is so much more than scanning to print.

Scanning allows users to save storage space, reduce paper use, streamline workflows, and save documents to various servers and drives.

Here are the basics of scanning and some tips to help you get the most out of it:

Document Scanning: Outsourcing Vs. DIY

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If you haven’t heard, there are an abundance of advantages of going paperless in the modern working world. Businesses around the world are becoming more efficient, cutting costs, reducing spaces needs, and more. But how should you go about going paperless? You have two options: outsource your documents to a local scanning company or scan the documents yourself with office equipment, software, and people. You could even try a combination of the two.

Here are four considerations to help you make your decision:

Increased Productivity from Office Technology

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If you run a growing business, you know all about the race to keep up with your increasing workload. The seemingly endless amount of work is only increasing, and you need solutions to be productive with a new load. Advancements in modern technology now offer you the ability to make up some of those extra hours you wish you could add to your week or be the hands of employees you want to you could staff. Here are some technology tips that will boost your business’ productivity.

Modern Office Technology

Cloud Sharing

Going Digital with Scanning

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Paper products are disappearing in any quick fashion, but many companies understand the importance of limiting their consumable waste. Instead of always choosing to print on paper, businesses are beginning to transition to digital systems. Scanning documents is a large part of taking your paper files to a digital storage system as well as changing your current processes.


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