What You Need to Know About BYOD and Mobile Security for Millennials

What you need to know about BYOD and mobile security for millennials

Back when dinosaurs roamed the corporate earth, employers issued hand-helds that could synchronize with in-house servers. Fairly-smart phones were also issued strictly for business use. Then arrived the Millennials who came to work pre-loaded with smart and mobile devices as outgrowths of their anatomies. They realized they could meld their work duties with their personal electronics thinking the IT department would never be the wiser. And no one lived happily ever after.

How are Millennials Changing B2B Payments?

How Millennials are changing B2B payments

Demographically, the oldest Millennial (a.k.a. Gen Y) is 36 this year. The youngest is about 20. These are the adults for whom digital technology is a given, not the dream-under-construction as it was for Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers at the same life stage. At 35, this group is of the age and level of prosperity to now take over the department management reins as the Boomers age out and the Xers step off the elevator into the C suite.

Managing Millennials Requires Rethinking Human Resources

Managing millenials requires rethinking human resources

Creating a document management workflow that works for Millennials may be a tough task for any department, but in a high-touch area like Human Resources, it becomes a gargantuan task that could include retooling every step of your hiring, onboarding and employee communication process. Millennials expect that all the information they need should be right at their fingertips, and their first opportunity to judge their fit within an organization is during the hiring process. How can you assure that your process in millennial-friendly?

Millennials are Changing Document Management in the Workplace

Millenials are changing document management

The move toward paperless offices has made document management that much more important, and Millennials are often the ones driving that business decision. You might be surprised to find that far from dismissing print, Millennials tend to print as much or more than individuals age 36 and up. While these digital natives are a very mobile-centric demographic, they still tend to enjoy the printed page, even going so far as to print documents from home.

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