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Manufacturer Industry News: Xerox Workflow Central Changes the Game


Workflows have taken on entirely new identities in the past year--all thanks to remote work and new restrictions. However, that hasn't stopped businesses--and to empower that determination, and Xerox has released a new platform that makes workflow adaptability a breeze. Here's what to know about Xerox Workflow Central!

Manufacturer Industry News: Lexmark's Carbon Neutrality Plan

Lexmark logo

These days, going green is among one of the most important things a company can do--not just to protect their image, but also to make a significant impact on the future of our planet. Recently, Lexmark did just that with a carbon neutrality promise that will set the stage for plenty of exciting developments.


Manufacturer Industry News: Lexmark Unveils New Cloud Services

Cell phone with Lexmark logo on it.

Lexmark is a manufacturer known for high-quality, high-efficiency, and high-security solutions, and that's partly because of their savvy utilization of the cloud. Recently, however, Lexmark has taken their Cloud Services even further, introducing new features that will boost benefits across the board.



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