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Manufacturer Industry News: Updates to Xerox DocuShare Flex

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Keeping up with all the latest news, changes, and updates in the business world can really benefit your company. A great place to start is with manufacturer industry news--that way, you can learn about the latest tech just in time to integrate it into your workflows. Today, we'll help you do just that by taking a look at one tool in particular: DocuShare Flex from Xerox.

A New Fax Solution from Xerox

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If you asked any healthcare provider’s employees if they’d like to get rid of faxing patient information and records, you’d receive an emphatic yes. If everyone in healthcare is ready to move on from sending and receiving faxes, why does it remain a routine practice in so many offices?

While Electronic Health Records (EHR) have taken over the majority of healthcare offices, there has been difficulty in securely sharing these patient records. Because of this, faxing prevails as the standard method in most offices.

3 Important Updates About Data Security

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Data breaches can take an awful toll on companies of every size, sometimes evening taking them out of business entirely. A significant data breach will cost you money, customers, and your public reputation, which is why taking data security is critical to your business’ success.

Today we want to share three stories from the data security industry to keep you in-the-know of today's top manufacturers and their efforts to improve data security:

Xerox Continues Innovative Excellence with New Scanner

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Xerox Corporation, a leader in innovative communication solutions, has once again delivered an impressive product to streamline office workflows. The Xerox DocuMate 6710 Scanner provides parallel scanning capabilities, decreasing the amount of time it takes to digitalize a document. The DocuMate 6710 is designed to accelerate scan speeds while providing the same sense of security and protection necessary for scanning sensitive documents for industries like law and healthcare.

Toshiba makes 14TB HDD Available for Select Supermicro Storage Servers


Toshiba has announced that the MG07ACA Series 14TB and 12TB HDD SATA models have been qualified by Super Micro Computer, Inc. with select Supermicro storage servers. The MG07ACA uses a 9-disk design that provides storage density and power-efficient capacity. Supermicro’s popular SSG platforms have been enlisted for this partnership on the MG07ACA series.

Manufacturer Industry News: Xerox Help Desk Learning and Resource Toolkit

manufacturer industry news

Staying on top of manufacturer industry news is essential to Edge, and we want to share current information with our customers. Today we are sharing about a new product supplement from Xerox. Xerox products are innovative and secure. The manufacturer industry news from Xerox printers and multifunction printers is that they are now including a document with helpful links and support tools. The document is called Help Desk Learning and Resource Toolkit.


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