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Document Security: Encryption Benefits


With hacking and data breaches occurring as often as they do in our ever-increasingly technology-driven world, the need for document encryption is essential for a business’ security. Encrypting documents is the process of placing a code or password over documents, which makes them only accessible by individuals who have the code, password, or passkey. Encrypting is critical when sharing documents, so they are protected from hackers and interceptors.

Taking Document Security Seriously

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Businesses suffer from security breaches in printing every single year. Multifunction copiers have helped improve workflow in companies drastically, but there are plenty of security measures necessary when a business uses one. Making sure your business is using the best equipment and processes to protect the documents you print is critical in guarding your business’ sensitive information.

Storing Your Disaster Recovery Plan in the Cloud

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Digital systems have become increasingly popular and for a good reason. You are insuring yourself against emergencies that might otherwise knock out a paper only office. With services like document security taking care of IT networks companies can focus on business-critical tasks and not think about what might happen to their systems after a fire or flood.

3 Questions to Address Document Security

document security

If there's one consistent issue plaguing the majority of today's businesses, it is security, hands down. Document security is one area of security that often requires time and dedication, and it's a security concern that can be especially worrisome. After all, documents hold sensitive information, ranging from clients' personal information to business plans that your competitors would love to get their hands on.


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