HP Print Day 2013

By Marlene Orr, Senior Analyst, Printers/A4 MFPs, December 3, 2013

Hewlett-Packard (HP) hosted a small group of press and analysts at its campus in Boise, Idaho in mid-November to provide a closer look at the fall product introductions, gain further insight on software solutions and participate in a behind-the-scenes look at some of HP’s LaserJet test labs.

HP’s Answer to Mobile Printing in the Enterprise

By Marlene Orr, Senior Analyst, Printers/A4 MFPs, December 2, 2013

In the age of BYOD (bring your own device), workers and IT directors need to find a way to increase mobility and compliance in office environments. Workers want to be able to print easily from their mobile devices; IT directors don’t want to compromise security. At a recent analyst event in Boise, HP offered insight on its current offerings for mobile printing in enterprise environments.

From Printers to Preemies, the Science of Imaging Touches Our Lives

by Suzette Norris

Three years ago, Xerox Research Fellow Lalit K. (“LK”) Mestha was working on a piece of technology called a spectral sensor. It used reflected light to measure color precisely on a moving sheet of paper. Instead of touching the paper, the sensor collected information by shining light as the sheet moved, and sophisticated algorithms allowed the digital press to correct the images so it could produce consistent and accurate color quality.

As he worked, LK wondered if this approach to measurement might have other uses. Could it detect things like a person’s heart rhythm, heart rate or respiration for example? Could it one day be used to detect cancer?

Wow…Is That Really an Inkjet?

By Marlene Orr, Senior Analyst, Printers/A4 MFP, March 20, 2013

Historically, inkjets have been slower than laser devices, and although high-capacity cartridges were available for business-class inkjets, the yields were generally lower than those available for business-class laser machines. Of course, the inkjets cost less and many offered a comparable cost per page, making them a good choice for low-volume environments. But those slower speeds and relatively low yield cartridges didn’t make them a good fit for higher-volume business environments. Until now, that is.

Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) has long been a fixture in the home and in the office with its inkjet technology, but the new Officejet Pro X series products turns the idea of inkjet printing on its head. With rated speeds topping out at 70 ppm (42 ppm in default mode), combined with a high duty cycle (75,000 pages per month) and ink cartridges that yield more than 5,000 pages each, the Officejet Pro X576 MFP and X551 printer look like true competitors for laser devices at these higher values. Here’s a peek at some of the first test results coming out of the lab on these models and how they compare with laser models.

Toshiba to Help Dealers Fast Forward to the Future


By Carl Schell, Associate Editor, June 3, 2011

By emphasizing the “cloud,” security, and managed print services at its dealer meeting late last month, it was clear that the main interest of Toshiba America Business Solutions lies less with hardware these days, and more on software. A fourth theme, though not stressed as much as the others but still highlighted at several points, was the environment. Overall, the segments of the general session tied together nicely and delivered a message that Toshiba dealers need to embrace the concept of being managed document service providers.

As part of his opening statements, Mark Mathews, president and COO of TABS, said, “The economic downturn had a distinct upside for us. Because companies were forced to do more with less, less employees and less resources, we had to find innovative ways to save money and operate more efficiently. This is the bread and butter of our managed print services. The changes are driving new customer needs—and these are not temporary. They reflect broad, long-term trends in the way companies do business. It’s the new normal, and that suits us just fine.”

It was encouraging to hear that the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March hasn’t affected the availability of Toshiba devices and supplies, and that its supply chain is intact. Of the manufacturer’s 23 sites that suffered some degree of damage, all are now fully operational. Matt Yamada, chairman and CEO of TABS, added that Toshiba donated $5 million to Japan’s recovery efforts.


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