Manufacturer Industry News: Document Scanning and Business Continuity

manufacturer industry news

Staying on top of manufacturer industry news is important to Edge, and we want to share current information with our customers. Today we share about the importance of document scanning for your business continuity plan. Disaster recovery is essential for any company to provide services after their systems are affected by natural disasters or system failures.

Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan

Disaster recovery should account for both physical facility damage as well as inaccessible data. So whether a hurricane has damaged your office beyond repair or an evacuation requires you to work outside of your headquarters you should be prepared.

A business continuity plan includes an impact analysis, recovery strategies, plan development, and testing and exercises. These steps ensure that a plan for either recovery of manufacturing operations is in place or that your network systems can be accessed offsite.

The Role of Document Scanning

Thinking that paper documents are sufficient for business continuity can lead to disastrous effects. Your files should be backed up digitally and preferably stored offsite. Document scanning is the tool you need to make sure you protect your data. Converting your documents to electronic files sets you up to complete steps for your disaster recovery plan much more quickly. Once you digitize your files, you can organize and archive them with cloud software.

Scanning Expertise

Scanning and business continuity plans are necessary in today’s unpredictable world. Natural disasters can be prepared for but never planned, so your business must be proactive.

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