Managed Print: Security Online (and Off)


Print security is more critical--and more complicated--than ever. While it's important to pay attention to all the digital threats on the horizon, you also can't forget about offline, "real-world" threats that might be lurking around every corner in your workplace. Here's how managed print can help you beat all of them!

Safe Printers, Safe Companies

Printers are an often-overlooked hotbed of potential risk. Since many businesses don't think to protect the printer, hackers often start here when trying to steal personal and financial data. It's not just digital danger, either. Unattended or improperly discarded papers are just as big a problem as unsecured printers.

So what can be done?

The good news is that managed print can help you address all these problems and more. By analyzing your print environment and habits, identifying weak spots in your online and offline security procedures, and implementing targeted solutions that keep you safe and efficient, managed print helps change your business from the inside out. It can also help you save time, money, and energy along the way.

Here are a few examples of risks you can catch and eliminate with managed print!


Unsecured printers: It's easier than you might think to keep printers safe--once you have the right tools, that is. Managed print can help you choose solutions that are a perfect fit for your fleet.

Software updates: Procrastinating on software updates can leave you vulnerable to all kinds of digital threats. With managed print, it's easy to create and stick to an "update schedule" to keep security on track.

Default settings: If your printers have default settings (like the same passwords they had when you got them), you're leaving data and documents at risk. Managed print helps you keep track of settings on all your devices for the safest possible print environment.


Print trays: Documents left on the print tray are a considerable security risk. One of the first things you'll get from managed print is a "game plan" to help identify and eliminate bad habits like this one.

Recycling bins: Recycling is good; recycling sensitive information is not. Managed print helps you choose solutions like shredding and data management to identify what can be recycled and what can't.

Human error: People make mistakes. Luckily, with managed print, those mistakes are easier to catch and fix--and some tasks can even be automated so that human error becomes a thing of the past.

Want more security tips? Need a little help from managed print? Contact us today!