6 Essential Documents Your Office Needs to Scan and Shred

scanning documents

Paperwork always gets a bad rep in most offices. In reality, paperwork is one of the essential pieces to your business’ crucial data and information. With so much sensitive information stored on the documents in your office, protecting them is a high priority.

The amount of sensitive or confidential information that your business is a bit mind-boggling: Social Security numbers, credit cards, pay stubs, checks, contact information, and more.

To best ensure data and information security, sensitive documents should be securely backed up on an office network with an office scanner, and the physical document should be shredded.

Here is a list of the most critical documents to scan and shred:

Social Security Numbers

Social Security numbers are one of the easiest ways for someone’s identity to be stolen, so be sure to secure any document that has an employee or customer’s Social Security number on it.

Employee Information

You possess a significant amount of information regarding your employees, do them a favor and protect them by removing these physical documents from your office.

Client Lists

Just like your employees, you also possess information regarding your clients that should be protected. These documents include payment options like credit cards or checks and contact or location information.

Medical Records

The loss of medical records can result in thousands of dollars of fines per HIPAA regulations. Scanning and shredding these documents is a surefire way to protect these forms.

Cancelled Checks, Credit Card Numbers, and Bank Account Numbers

Thieves will often search for canceled checks or credit card numbers to obtain banking information from your business’ clients.

Pay Stubs

Most paystubs contain sensitive information about your business’ employees. Be sure to keep digital files of pay stubs, rather than physical copies of them.

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