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November 2018

How to Make Your Digital Dreams Come True


The implementation of digital documents has enhanced modern business functions. With ease, employees can save, share, and edit documents faster than ever done before, because of digitalization and cloud networks. However, transitioning to a more-paperless company is more difficult than often expected because knowing the right devices and processes required is not common knowledge.

3 Important Updates About Data Security

data security

Data breaches can take an awful toll on companies of every size, sometimes evening taking them out of business entirely. A significant data breach will cost you money, customers, and your public reputation, which is why taking data security is critical to your business’ success.

Today we want to share three stories from the data security industry to keep you in-the-know of today's top manufacturers and their efforts to improve data security:

The Significance of Data Backup Plans for Small Businesses

Document Security

Many small businesses fall victim to data loss from various forms of hacks, scams, and viruses. Most of the time when a business loses data, it is not due to the severity of the cyber attack, but because of the lack of preparation from the company.

Today we want to talk about why Document Security is critical to protecting your businesses data and information. With Document Security, your business will have the proper security steps in place to secure sensitive data and information.