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August 2018

Document Scanning: Outsourcing Vs. DIY

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If you haven’t heard, there are an abundance of advantages of going paperless in the modern working world. Businesses around the world are becoming more efficient, cutting costs, reducing spaces needs, and more. But how should you go about going paperless? You have two options: outsource your documents to a local scanning company or scan the documents yourself with office equipment, software, and people. You could even try a combination of the two.

Here are four considerations to help you make your decision:

Document Security: Encryption Benefits


With hacking and data breaches occurring as often as they do in our ever-increasingly technology-driven world, the need for document encryption is essential for a business’ security. Encrypting documents is the process of placing a code or password over documents, which makes them only accessible by individuals who have the code, password, or passkey. Encrypting is critical when sharing documents, so they are protected from hackers and interceptors.