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July 2017

Managed Print Makes Sustainability A Reality

Sustainable print

More and more of today's businesses are realizing how focusing on sustainability actually favorably impacts their bottom line. Consciously making choices that are better for the environment ultimately means reducing waste, and thus, reducing costs.

Managed services in general work well with sustainable practices, thanks to the focus on efficiency and waste reduction. Managed Print addresses issues and waste related to printing, and the results can be pretty phenomenal.

Industry News: PaperCut

EDGE Business Systems is proud to partner with the best of industry leaders, like Xerox, Toshiba, Lexmark, KIP, Papercut, Drivve, in order to bring you smart solutions for your every business need. These manufacturers are constantly addressing methods of driving down costs for clients and ensuring hardware and software are running at peak performance. One recent example comes from PaperCut.

Document Security Starts at the Printer

If your organization deals with sensitive documents, you know what a challenge it can be to handle all the security concerns that come with them. From government regulations about document handling to your commitment to clients to maintain confidentiality, there are a number of implications with every sensitive document.

While keeping digital files safe is one of the highest priorities of today's business, there are still causes for concern with printed documents as well.